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About Us

A non-profit organization that has partnered with an agency, Independent Options, who has provided exemplary services since 1984 to over 400 people, who have developmental disabilities. Together, we identify needs of individuals that are beyond governmental services and personal resources. And, through tax deductible donations, individuals with disabilities have, and will continue to, experience significant life changes.


The Nutmeg House

Six women who have disabilities, such as down syndrome, autism or cerebral palsy, live in a home provided by Independent Options, the Nutmeg House. Years ago, an involved parent shared the lives of these women with his coworkers. The coworkers were so moved that they decided to coordinate a gift drive each holiday season. Over the years, the women living in the Nutmeg House have received gifts of clothing, personal care items, gift cards to stores and restaurants, and even a large television. The joy for both the people who have adopted this cause and the women receiving their generous gifts of is priceless.

Derek's Story

Derek is an active young man, who has lived in an Independent Options Home for over 5 years. A few years ago Derek had a bicycle accident, knocking out a front tooth. Unfortunately, he has a very limited income, and public dollars will not replace lost teeth. A cash donation was given to ICO, which covered the costs of Derek's dental procedure. Derek, again, has a smile that will light up a room.


There are many other examples of donors' generous touch on people's lives, and even greater opportunities to experience.

Help someone realize his or her full potential.

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